About Us

We are Jacinta and Jo. Two sisters originally from Horsham in regional Victoria, Australia.  Jo now resides in Melbourne and Jacinta lives in Phuket, Thailand. Jo is studying honours in philosophy.  She writes, consults and shares her wisdom behind the scenes.  Every clothing brand needs an in-house spiritual advisor.  Clothing is the actual fabric of life!  Whilst Jacinta has been self-employed for twenty years in areas as diverse as wine and boat tourism.

Much discussion and research later, and we are delighted to see our vision/philosophy/trade come to fruition.  

The consumer may not need another clothing label, one might argue.  However, maybe a fairly large group of talented artisans in a developing country would relish the opportunity to be fully employed?  

This is the question we asked and we found the answer was yes.  In rural Cambodia, in particular in Siem Reap, despite millions of tourists visiting each year, the local people are struggling.  Poverty is rife, opportunity is scarce.  Can we help?  Perhaps a little.  And a little bit can mean a lot to someone else.

We may think the world does not need another clothing producer, but perhaps it does?  Clothing that is ethically and sustainably produced is still needed. Fast, disposable fashion, exploited workers, poor environmental management, are all hallmarks of modern clothing manufacture.  We offer an alternative to this structure.  Our model is simple.  Our clothes are simple.  The fabric is handwoven as it has been done in Cambodia for centuries.  People can do this work at home, surrounded by family,

After all, clothing is a basic human necessity.  But somewhere along the clothing chain, from maker to wearer, the humanity was lost.  In an industry dominated by women (often mothers themselves), from production to retail, the motherly love was lost.  We are doing our bit to provide a sustainable, ethical, option. And our dresses and skirts are super comfortable and lovely too!